Our establishment is under ongoing programme to support green environment;

    Projects taken place;
  • • Our kitchen waste (%25 of the waste) is used for organic compost which deployed in our own gardens
  • • Awareness trainings are taking place periodically with-in our staff
  • • Only Low consumption LED lights used in our premises
  • • Part of of the plastic bottles are being removed from the operation
  • • Floor heating system in suites help us to reduce %25 of electricity consumption during winter
  • • Reverse Osmosis system implemented where 5 tons of water per week purchase switch to hotels own production
  • • Recycled Bathroom Amenities programme started
  • • Natural stone floor cleaning (%95 of our premises floors are made out of natural stone) has been switch to ¨Soft Soap¨ which is the safest cleaning product for the environment
  • • Most of the herbs are produced in own garden around the church

    2021 and 3 years Projects
  • • New Shampoo and Bath Jel programme will be starting to reduce plastic waste (Programme planned for 2020 but postponed due to Covid19 restrictions)
  • • Bamboo Pipets will be introduced into the operation
  • • With-in 3 years no plastic use within the premises
  • • With-in 3 years we are planning to produce our own electricity with sun panels which will be deployed over the roof of the church. This project will enable us to produce %75 of our energy needs.
  • • All plastic bottle operations will be switch to glass bottles
  • • All cleaning products will be switch to natural products which are safer to environment.