The Concept

Ecclesia is an unexpected blend of old and new. The very word ‘Ecclesia’ suggests history - and there's certainly that! Hidden from the present-day hustle and bustle of Oludeniz, the central courtyard houses the ruins of St. Demetrius church dating back to approximately 340 A.D. ...a fusion of the old and new - a unique hotel in keeping with the spirit of an ancient church without compromising luxury.

The hotel has 12 classic rooms, 10 luxurious suites, surrounding gardens, a modern spa and world-famous restaurant and beach bar.

Guests at Ecclesia can expect a retreat filled with subtle detail, and ingenious touches that recreate the comfort of home. The use of all-natural materials; stone, marble and linen reflect elements of the church, while creating an intriguing contrast to the modern designer features, fixtures, and fittings of Ecclesia.

Accommodation at Ecclesia has been thoughtfully placed to make the most of the views of St. Demetrius. Each has a private balcony or patio beside the central courtyard. There are also two sea-view suites. Ecclesia's location on the Oludeniz beachfront offers guest a wide range of activities: trekking, paragliding, diving, sailing, and water sports. It is also a perfect spot from which the discover central Lycian sites.

Alternatively, visitors can choose to relax and enjoy Ecclesia’s timeless surroundings with its panoramic sea views, sipping world-class cocktails whilst enjoying fine Mediterranean cuisine.

There is a minimum age requirement of 14 years for all hotel guests.